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How To Best Prepare For Your Upcoming Move

Moving can be a lot like taking a test, if you prepare for it ahead of time you’re likely to pass with flying colors. Likewise, proper preparation not only makes for a successful and stress-free move, but it will also save you time, energy and money.

Here are a few helpful tips that will guide you down a path of pure bliss when moving.

First things first, make it FUN!!! No sense in starting this wonderful new chapter in your life on the wrong foot by packing unnecessary items and making the job harder. Simplify this process by getting rid of any unused or unwanted items, especially if you have not used them in over a year.

Holding a yard sale is an excellent way to rid your home of clutter, and will allow you to bless someone else’s life while earning a little extra cash for yourself. Another idea is to donate your items to a charity of your choice. That particular charity will happily write you a receipt that you may be able to use as a tax write-off.

Now that you’ve done some necessary downsizing, let’s move on to packing. While you should be sure to label each box concerning its contents (i.e. clothing, kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, etc), it’s also a great idea to label the room each box goes into.

Color-coding seems to be a fan favorite. The simplest way to code a room in your new home is to put a sticky note with the identifying color on the wall or door. Then, mark each box with the color that matches the corresponding room in which it will be placed. If color-coding does not appeal to your liking, a magic marker will do the trick just fine.

Note: If you have fragile items, or boxes that should not be tipped, be sure to include proper labeling such as “fragile” or “this side up.”

Remember, boxes should never weigh more than 50lbs, and should be closed neatly without bulging. This will help a great deal in preventing items from being crushed and/or damaged.

You’re almost done, but these are a few things people often forget to do when moving. Give your utility company a call and let them know that you would like your services disconnected a day or two after you've moved. Also mention that you would like to have the utilities switched over to your new location prior to your move-in date.

If you have children who are enrolled in school, notify their school of your upcoming move. Also, complete a U.S. Postal Service change of address form at least 2-weeks prior to your move. Oh and by the way, don’t forget to cancel your newspaper subscription.

Last, but not least, call Green Day Moving!

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