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Flat Rate vs. Hourly Rate

How much will my move cost? That’s the question.

Most moving companies charge an hourly-rate, which can often times be quite deceiving. The most common problem or frustration with an hourly-rate moving company is that they will tell you one thing and deliver another. For example, let’s say the moving company estimates your move will take 6 hours with 2 guys at their hourly-rate of $110.00 per hour.

The total cost of your move then should come to $660.00, which sounds great BUT here lies the problem. You’ve set aside $660.00 and maybe even enough for a nice little tip not realizing that you didn’t read the fine print stating, “If this move exceeds the specified time to complete, you will be charged the standard hourly-rate as well as additional costs and fees.”

As if you didn't have enough on your plate already, you’ve now taken on the role of babysitting. You constantly find yourself looking over the guys’ shoulders, as well as at your watch, because literally, at this point, time is money.

Now you say to yourself, “The guys aren’t moving fast enough, they actually resemble a turtle race going up hill, on a street filled with molasses on a cold day.” They are sitting around taking smoke break after smoke break all the while the clock is ticking away.

Finally, when they finish up with the job, it has not been a 6-hour day as you were initially quoted, but an 8-hour day. So not only has it been longer than expected, the total payment has increased from $660.00 to $880.00 without the additional costs and fees that were listed in the fine print. That’s at least a $220.00 difference for which you did not budget.

On to the BIGGER and BETTER way of doing things. Green Day Moving’s Flat-Rate pricing lets you know EXACTLY what the move will cost even before it begins. One of our moving specialists will gladly come out to your home to complete a FREE in-home quote.

Based off of that initial walk-through, our specialist will let you know exactly what your move will cost. If we tell you it’s going to be $500.00, that’s exactly what it will be and not a penny more. If it takes longer than expected, the price stays the same, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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